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James Peckham, M.A., R.T.T., L.M.T.

James Peckham is a master Thai Massage instructor and therapist based in San Antonio, Texas. After graduating from a 1000-hour massage therapy program in Santa Fe, NM, James has been a full-time Licensed Massage Therapist in New Mexico since 1992, and in Texas since 2015. Since 1996, James has studied and practiced Thai Massage, during six extensive study-tours to Thailand.

Out of his 750-plus hours of Thai Massage studies, over 550 have been with Thailand’s Master Teacher Ajahn Pichet Boonthumme in northern Thailand. James has given many thousands of professional Thai Massage sessions, and 17,000 table massage sessions at destination spa resorts, and in private practice, since 1996.

 In 2001, James created the highly successful Thai Massage program at the popular world-class destination resort Ten Thousand Waves Spa in Santa Fe, NM. From 2003 to 2009 he was the resident Thai Massage Therapist at Ojo Caliente Spa, another popular destination resort in northern New Mexico. He has been a certified massage therapy instructor and continuing education provider in New Mexico since 2001, and in Texas since 2016. He has taught several thousands of hours of Thai Massage, in the healing lineage of Ajahn Pichet Boonthumme, all over the United States.

Students have traveled from around the country to study with him. James worked a long time as a full-time medical massage therapist at Millennium Health and Wellness, a chiropractic/physical therapy/fitness center, helping patients rehabilitate from injuries, illnesses and disabilities. James and his students love Thai Massage because it gives them more ways to help their clients, and provide them with more lasting relief from pain and tension.

The versatility and power of Thai Massage, using feet, knees, forearms and hands on a mat on the floor, in more positions than on a table, empower them to work smarter, protect their bodies, and prolong their careers. James is eager to provide you with the highest quality and excellence in Thai Massage, as well as table massage modalities such as deep tissue, sports massage, medical massage, and injury rehabilitation massage, always in loving kindness and the “true spirit of Thai healing.”

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