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Thai Massage Courses and Instruction - San Antonio

As an instructor, James enthusiastically offers certification courses and shorter classes in Thai Massage for massage therapists and any others who are committed to excellent and thinking outside the table-box, to take their massage practice to new heights. James believes that you will be richly rewarded for your efforts, and you will find that Thai Massage is inspiring, powerful, playful, creative, and the sky is the limit for helping your clients more effectively.

In the tradition of his teachers and mentors from Thailand, James will guide you and assist you, always in the “True Spirit of Thai Healing.”

We offer 72-Hour and 60-Hour Certification Classes, and Continuing Education for massage therapists, or people who just wish to learn Traditional Thai Massage, starting with the 6-Hour Thai Massage Sampler. James also offers private tutorials and continuing education classes for individuals or two students. See the following sample prices:

  • Texas Licensed Massage Therapist MT 121941
  • Texas Massage Therapy Instructor MI 3226
  • Texas Continuing Education Provider CE 1865
  • Registered Thai Therapist (R.T.T.) – Instructor #1022-06-A
  • Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI)
  • NCBTMB Approved Provider #450532-07
  • Member of AMTA
  • Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Sports Massage Available
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Why Learn from James Peckham, M.A., R.T.T., L.M.T. ?

deep tissue massage

More ways to help our clients.

Thai Massage is so versatile and thorough that it enables us to meet our clients’ needs more effectively, and in more ways than any massage on a table. We use our feet, knees, forearms and hands, and work in side position, inverted and sitting positions, as well as supine and prone. We combine deep tissue pressure, stretching, and acupressure, for a deeper, more complete massage.

medical massage

More feet and knees, less hands and thumbs.

Working on a mat on the floor allows us to use our feet and knees much more than hands and thumbs. This enables us to more effectively apply broad, deep pressure on large muscles, such as hamstrings, adductors, and hip flexors, without hurting ourselves or our clients.

realign massage

More thorough, more positions.

Working in supine, side, prone, inverted and sitting positions enables us to work specific problem areas of our clients’ bodies from different angles, for more profound, three dimensional, and long-lasting results.

realign massage

We use our bodies better.

In Thai Massage we kneel, sit, squat, stand, and lunge, and generally work gracefully and effortlessly from our center in Tai Chi style. I have devoted myself to Thai Massage since 1996, and I have been able to give clients maximum pressure, while working smarter than on a table, and keeping my body free of injury.

relax massage

Creative and playful.

When we are experienced and it becomes like second nature, we become more creative, resourceful, and playful, to meet our clients’ needs more thoroughly, in an intuitive, dance-like moving meditation.

Sawatdee Krap! I am honored that you are here. Greetings! Thank you for choosing to study with the highest level of Thai Massage Instructor and Therapist this side of Thailand. In the tradition and lineage of Thailand’s Master Teacher Ajahn Pichet Boonthumme, James will guide you and assist you, always in the “True Spirit of Thai Healing.” iThaiMassage offers 72-Hour and 60-Hour Certification Classes, and shorter classes for Continuing Education for massage therapists, and for any person who wants to learn Traditional Thai Massage, starting with the 6-Hour Thai Massage Short Sampler or the 8-Hour Thai Massage Sampler.

Pricing and Scheduling

class pricing
Current Class Schedule

Thai Massage Certification Course is 72 hours.

It is divided into four 3-day classes (18 Continuing Education Hours each class):

  • Supine Position (18 CE Hours)
  • Side Position (18 CE Hours)
  • Prone, Inverted & Sitting Positions (18 CE Hours)
  • Integration/Review (18 CE Hours)

The Certification Course is offered in two formats:

  • A) One 6-hour day per week for 12 weeks in 4 months.
  • B) Three days a week (Tues., Wed. & Thurs.) for one week each month for 4 months.

The four classes may be taken in any order, or as stand-alone classes open to anyone. No prerequisites for the classes; non-massage therapists are welcome.

Thai Massage Introduction - 18-hours

The course is offered in a series of one day per week for three weeks; or 3 consecutive days (eg.Tues., Wed. & Thurs.). The course includes an abbreviated combination of techniques in all the positions that enables participants to give at least a one-hour Thai session if they keep practicing after the class.

Advanced Class - 18 Hours

Similar format to the Introduction class, but for graduates of my certification course.

Short Sampler Cours - 6 Hours

This cours serves as an orientation to the versatility and scope of Thai Massage.

All of these classes are variations of my previous 64-hour Certification Course; 16-hour individual classes; 16-hour Introduction' and 8-hour sampler.

For Texas certification, I can alter the length of classes to meet the Continuing Education requirements in this state.

For certification with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

I have registered all of these classes. They require me to give detailed class descriptions, learning objectives, and hour-by-hour lesson outlines. I recently registered my 6-hour Short Sampler, and each new class costs me $25.

I do not plan to register every class change from 16 hours to 18 hours, because it becomes costly for me. And students in Texas will usually not require my NCBTMB certification.

I will provide students with an instruction manual, with detailed instructions and excellent photographs. Typically, I give 10% discounts to students who pay for a class in full two weeks in advance. Also, I allow students to repeat any class for half price.

To schedule private tutorials and classes, call James at 505-795-9003 (Mobile), or email him (email address). All prices are subject to change. You receive a 10% discount when you pay in full 15 days before the class starting date. Cancelations after registration may be subject to a charge of half of the class price. No refunds are given after the start of the class.

To schedule training classes or continuing education please call 505-795-9003.

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