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Thai Massage - San Antonio

I have given over 5000 hours of professional Thai Massage since 1996 in private practice, worldclass destination resorts and wellness clinics. I offer the highest quality of Traditional Thai Massage therapy, in the lineage of Thailand’s Master Teacher Ajahn Pichet Boonthumme.

Each session is customized to meet your individual needs. Each of the following sessions will feature the full range of techniques and positions, on a mat on the floor, with a specific emphasis to meet your needs

  • Texas Licensed Massage Therapist MT 121941
  • Texas Massage Therapy Instructor MI 3226
  • Texas Continuing Education Provider CE 1865
  • Registered Thai Therapist (R.T.T.) – Instructor #1022-06-A
  • Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI)
  • NCBTMB Approved Provider #450532-07
  • Member of AMTA
  • Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Sports Massage Available
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How Can Thai Massage Benefit Me?

deep tissue massage

Deeper than “Deep Tissue.”

Thai Massage can be deeper than any “deep tissue” massage on a table, because we use feet and knees, as well as forearms and hands, to provide immediate release and long-lasting relief of deep muscle tension and pain. I am an experienced and gifted practitioner who will work more slowly, and with sensitivity, the deeper I work. Also, Thai Deep Tissue Massage opens up the energy and circulation throughout your body, for greater effectiveness and comfort for you.

medical massage

Better Medical Massage than “Medical Massage.”

It's a more effective form of medical massage than “medical pressure points, and deep muscle compression to provide lasting relief in specific problem areas. athletes and active people need stretching and deep muscle relief, whether you need ongoing preventive maintenance, pre-event or post-event sports massage

sports massage

Better Sports Massage than “Sports Massage.”

It is a better massage than “sports massage” on a table, because of its powerful combination of positioning, stretching, pressure points, and muscle compression. Thai sports massage is ideally suited for athletes and active people, whether you need pre-event, post-event, or ongoing preventive maintenance.

realign massage

Helps Realign Your Body.

It's an excellent form of Structural Integration, when your body needs to be better aligned, because the positioning, stretching, compression and joint mobilizations will loosen up your muscles and ligaments, which in turn will help realign and retrain your body.

relax massage

Deeply Relaxing.

It's more relaxing than “relaxation massage” on a table, whether you need lighter work or deeper massage in problem areas, to help you release tension and relax. The combination of comfortable broader pressure, stretching, and joint mobilizations, can help relax your whole body profoundly, while leaving you grounded and energized

Thai Massage Techniques We Offer

Deep Tissue

Deep pressure, using feet, knees, forearms and hands, working generally to open energy pathways, customized to address your problem area with extra time and focused pressure with stretching, working more slowly and with sensitivity, to provide immediate release of tension and long-lasting relief from soreness.


General medium-to-deep pressure, acupressure and Thai stretches, customized to open energy pathways and focus on relieving tension in specific problem areas.


Light-to-medium broad pressure and Thai stretches, in side position and briefly in supine and sitting positions, when it is comfortable and beneficial. I recommend the 1-hour session, especially in your second and third trimesters.


Light-to-medium pressure, acupressure, Thai stretches and joint mobilizations, designed to relieve stress and nervous tension, and restore your sense of total peace.


Combination of medium-to-deep pressure, acupressure and Thai stretches customized to meet your needs, whether it is for pre-event, post-event or ongoing preventive maintenance and pain relief.

Structural Integration

Medium-to-medium-deep pressure, with acupressure and Thai stretches and joint mobilizations to realign your body and retrain your muscles, ligaments and tendons to support healthy alignment.


Medium to medium-deep pressure, acupressure, Thai stretches and joint mobilizations, designed to improve your muscle tone, regenerate your energy and refresh your spirit.

In-Home Massage

  • Deep Tissue
  • Relaxation/Swedish
  • Pregnancy/Pre-Natal
  • Sports

Note: Pre-pay four massage sessions of any length and receive your next massage at half price.

To schedule in-home appointments please call 505-795-9003.

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